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Tissue Culture

Interested in achieving the most analytical data at the earliest possible stage?

Introducing the D4™ Culture System – an advanced, disposable cell culture platform capable of developing full three-dimensional cell structures in vitro. The D4 ™ Culture System enables you to develop cell structures that mimic the natural composition, configuration and function of normal and diseased tissue.

RealBio’s D4™ Culture System is a major step forward in providing a means to make your data more predictive in achieving in vivo success.

Look at some of our recent cultures produced using the D4™ Culture System:

RealBio D4™ Culture System

The RealBio D4™ Culture System is designed to promote in vitro growth and maintenance of tissues that exhibit many key characteristics of normal in vivo tissue organization and function.

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How it Works
  • Varied microenvironments support mixed cell populations
  • Tissues and cells arrange as in vivo
  • Unprecedented control of culture environment (nutrient and gas gradients)
  • Natural migration of cells throughout and outside of the tissue mass
Stay Informed
  • Study of structured tissues
  • Stem cell farming (long-term collection of adult stem cells)
  • Study nutrient, growth factor, and/or gas gradients as independent variables
  • Growth and study of polar tissues
  • Bioproduction in a low-shear environment

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